A devops engineer that turned to freelancing to take on diverse and exciting projects for clients, big and small. I’m super interested in start-ups and always on the look-out for a potential early stage startup to join or help out. I’m big of fan of remote work and always do my best to provide clear communication, verbally and written.

My work and interests mainly focuses on DevOps related tools such as CI/CD engines (Jenkins, Gitlab, Github etc.), Docker, Kubernetes and AWS. Whatever tools and task(s), I always approach them with the mindset of a software engineer that strives do everything as code and create (automated) tests when possible. My go-to language is Python as this is what I have most experience with and enjoy the most.

Besides that, i’m an easy-going, fun and social guy living in Copenhagen that enjoys taking care of my physical and mental well-being doings sports and crossfit, i’m always up for a beer with friends and try the best to enjoy life the most!

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